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Just doing a little blog update for you.

I was really pleased with the blog carnival that was posted yesterday. I’ve already received submissions for the next issue, which I will put out at the end of July. As long as I continue to receive quality submissions, I’ll run the carnival mid month and at the end of the month.

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a Recommended Blogs section here at One Organized Life. I recently added a few more links. Check out the following blogs for some great posts:

I have also added a Recommended Viewing section. When I come across great videos that tie in to content here, I will add them. Right now, you’ll find a video on segment about how to plan your day, hosted by me (which scares me to death!), and produced by CAM Productions. You will also find a segment by Julie Morgenstern, a top Professional Organizer. She always has practical, high quality advice to share.

(you can view these videos in higher quality if you view them directly through YouTube)

For future reference, the Recommended Blogs and Recommended Viewing can be found in the sidebar here on the One Organized Life Blog.

That’s it for now! Just wanted to point out some additional resources and information. Have a great week!


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