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Welcome to the July 31, 2008 edition of balanced living carnival. Yes, I know that it is July 30th, but I was holding on to these great submissions for a while, and I couldn’t wait another day!



Dean Moyer of The Back Pain Blog explains the advantages and disadvantages of water-based physical therapy in his post Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain.

Dale presents 6 Steps To Drinking More Water And Maintaining Optimum Health posted at Personal Development & Success Strategies for Life.


Paul Piotrowski presents Why Does it Feel Like You’re Going Backwards posted at Inspired Money Maker. On your path towards living a more purpose-driven life, and your journey to learn to do what you love for a living, do you sometimes feel like you’re going backwards? Does it feel like the world you’ve built around you is falling apart? Does every step forward seem like it’s also coupled with three steps back? Check out this article!

Personal Development

Shamelle presents 31 Ideas To Escape The Monotonous Daily Routine posted at Enhance Life. Is your daily routine starting to get a bit, well, predictable? It’s not necessarily that what you do is boring. Routines have their purpose. Many people like them, as it gives some comfort and security. However, sometimes it gets too comfortable and leads to a lack of action. Check out this articles for some simple suggestions on how to shake up your routine – without having to change it entirely.

Dawn Abraham Life Coach presents My Positive Thinking Secrets That Work like Magic! posted at Qualified Life Coach.

Chris Edgar presents It’s Never Too Early For A “Midlife Crisis” posted at Purpose Power Coaching. The “midlife crisis” is a subject of mixed feelings in our culture. Some applaud people who have the courage to reevaluate their direction in life, while others see it as “too late” to change one’s course midlife. Chris does not think it’s ever too late to start considering what we’re here to do in life. What he wonders is why we call these times in our lives “crises” at all. As he suggests in this article, it’s best to keep your calling—your overall mission in life—in mind at all times, no matter how young or old you happen to be.

Avani presents 6 Ways to Get Mind to Focus When It Does Not Seem Your Own posted at Avani-Mehta.

Hopeful Spirit presents Breaking Back into the Light posted at On the Horizon: A discussion about breaking down the brick walls that we sometimes encounter in life and recovering from depression — through faith and faithfulness.

Rigdha presents 5 Things You Can Do Today To Get More out of Your life posted at Get Your Success Now.

Dereck presents A guide for increasing your creativity posted at I Will Not Die.

Louise Manning presents Wasting energy posted at The Human Imprint.


Jackie presents Multiple Email Addresses posted at Overcoming Clutter.

Barry Wright, III presents 5 Steps to Glorious Productivity with Firefox posted at fashionablemathematician – personal.

I’m a big fan of multiple email addresses AND Firefox. Definitely check out those two articles.


Jonathan presents Levels Of Relationships posted at Better Relationship Builder. Understanding what level relationship we are in can better understand how we should relate to that person.

babs mountjoy presents Approaching equilibrium « Awalkabout’s Weblog posted at Awalkabout’s Weblog. Everyone needs to step back once in awhile to see their place in the big picture, don’t you think?

Anand presents Neediness in Relationships posted at Anand Dhillon . com. Neediness can ruin a potentionally great relationship. Learn what causes neediness, how it manifests and what you can do to make sure it’s no longer an issue. Many of us are more needy in relationships than we think we are. If you’ve ever questioned your neediness factor, check out this article.

Toni presents When was the last time you did something new with your spouse? posted at Wifely Steps.


Kristy presents Money Monday: Values posted at Our Life in Colorado. Kristy shares her experiences with trying to live deliberately when it comes to her family finances.


That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Balanced Living Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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