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I’m not big on the holidays and wasn’t planning on doing a Thanksgiving themed post, but lately I have just been thinking that I have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes it is little things. Sometimes it is something that is huge, but I don’t see it in the moment.

I’m really really thankful for HELP. That’s for sure. We all need help at MANY points in our lives, so that is nothing original. But I am so appreciative of the help I have received. In a season full of transitions, here is a snippet of the help I am thankful for:

– my Ladies Who Launch incubator group –  a group of amazing women who have provided lots of support, insights, and ideas over the past couple of weeks as I have wondered how to proceed with the expansion of my business.

– members of my networking group who provide feedback, attend events, and help me brainstorm!

– a friend who gave me an emergency ride last night when I was stranded.

– my mother, who came to stay on and off in October to help me through the rapid transitions I was going through.

– fantastic business associates who have referred clients to me and offered me speaking opportunities.

These people (and more!) have helped me in immeasurable ways in the past few crazy months. Even in weeks (like this week) and days like this one, where I feel a little stressed and that I needs TONS more help, I am incredibly grateful for what I have been given – and for the people who trust and respect me and care about me. How great is that?

Like I said, I am not crazy about holidays (I wish I could sleep all day tomorrow!), but for all of you that love them like mad, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with the ones you love!

– Alaia


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With a growing number of people working from home, those who are leaving the traditional office setting (at least part time) are realizing the importance of creating a dedicated workspace at home.

If you have decided to make the transition to work from home, I strongly suggest creating a space in your home that you use only for work.  There are many important benefits to creating this space including increased productivity and separating home life and work life – which benefits both you and the people that live with you. Find a place that can be all your own – if not permanently, at least temporarily. Pick a place that is low traffic during the day, setup shop, and have a place for storage nearby that you can neatly store things in at the end of the day.

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