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Have someone in your life that could use practical gift this holiday season? Hey, some practical gifts are pretty cool!

While browsing the web, I came across an article  with 10 suggestions for organizing gifts at LifeOrganizers.com.  Go check it out!


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If you celebrate Christmas, most likely you’ve started purchasing Christmas decorations. When the holidays have passed, you’ll need a place to properly store your decorations until the winter holidays roll around again. And if you procrastinators out there are going to be decorating the night before your family arrives in town, go ahead and keep the following tips in mind when you do your shopping.

5 Hints for Holiday Storage from Solutions.com

My mom LOVES Christmas and I definitely think she could use some of these organizing tools. Sometimes I don’t think you need a customized bin for everything you plan to store. But I think things like tree bags, ornament containers, and something to keep Christmas lights from getting tangled isn’t a bad idea.



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