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Interview on Ecopreneur Avenue

Last month (wow, time flies!) I was interviewed by the awesome Andreea Ayers for her Ecopreneur Ave blog.  Check it out!

1.    What is One Organized Life and when did you start the company?
One Organized Life is a Professional Organizing business that has become so much more! I started working with clients in the summer of 2006.

2.    What inspired you to start your business?
I find that there are two kinds of disorganized people (generally speaking): The chronically disorganized and the situationally disorganized. I was going through a situational disorganization of my own – a great job, but one I wasn’t passionate about, a relationship that should have been over, and so on.  I had a lot of mental clutter – junk in my head clouding my brain. I felt incredibly overwhelmed, depressed, and just plain stuck in life. This had happened to me at other challenging times in life. That mental clutter manifested itself in my space. I needed help tackling it so I started looking for someone to help me.  I spoke with several people and met with a couple. I could not find the right fit either in price or personality of the organizer. I finally decided I would work through it myself. It took a while, but I did it. I made a decision that I wanted to help other people who felt the way that I did. I wanted to help them change their lives and feel better about their space. I sought out my first client, and that is how my business was born!

3.    What makes your services different?
I really tailor everything I do to my clients. There is no one size fits all solution. Every client is different and so is their space. I talk in detail with my clients about what their goals are – and not just for organizing. Also, because I know what my clients are going through, I can relate to them on a different level than someone who has not been in their position.

Check out the full interview on Ecopreneur Ave!

Andreea Ayers, founder of Tees For Change, started Ecopreneur Avenue to share her experience of being an eco-entrepreneur and a mom-entrepreneur. This site provides business resources, interviews, product reviews and information for entrepreneurs.


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