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I’ve known about blog carnivals for a while, but never participated or organized one. A few weeks ago, I decided to create one, so that I could pass on some interesting articles to you. As the carnival goes on (I plan to post twice a month), you might occasionally see a post that covers something I’ve already written about. I think that’s great! Everyone has a different perspective on things, and if one of these articles or posts as an impact on your or inspires you to make a positive change in your life, then it has served its purpose.

I’m pleased with this first edition of the Balanced Living Carnival. I received more submissions than I anticipated – and I didn’t publicize the carnival in any way! Enjoy!


Welcome to the July 15, 2008 edition of the Balanced Living Carnival.


Joshua Seth presents How To Double Your Weight Loss posted at Joshua Seth Blog. A study came out recently that discovered a key difference between people who are successful at losing weight and those who are not.

James Chambers presents Hyperhidrosis Causes posted at Hyperhidrosis. Though not a blog, the website includes several informative articles on the topic.


Arun presents Getting Off The Safety Net posted at Arun is Bringing You…Your Daily Remedy. Building a personal safety net is important, but don’t fall into the trap of being content lying on it. Strive to climb to something higher!

Erek Ostrowski presents Why Do I Procrastinate? posted at Verve Coaching. The truth about procrastination is that it serves a purpose. The reason why people struggle to stop procrastinating is because they fail to see procrastination from the appropriate context.

Kate Hudson presents Do It Today! posted at Kate Hudson’s Blog. Her article motives people to follow their dreams instead of putting them aside on their “someday” list.

Nadege presents Five simple reasons why you should do it now! posted at Clearly Envision.

Hopefully those three articles give you some motivation to get things done!

Personal Development

Candice Brokenshire presents John Trosko – The importance of being organized posted at The Red Barn Cooperative. John Trosko is another Professional Organizer, based in Los Angeles (like me!). He has a blog of his own and heads the local National Association of Professional Organizers chapter here in L.A.

Avani presents 20 Learnings from Do One Thing Different posted at Avani-Mehta.

Shirley presents You Don’t Have Time to Worry posted at Fun Spirit. She notes: Most of us are so busy we don’t have time for living. How could we possibly have time to waste on worrying? Yet hundreds of thousands of us do it all the time.

Erek Ostrowski presents Manifesting a Job You Actually Want posted at Verve Coaching. Hoping to reach those of you who are unhappy at work, Erek says, “This post is for everyone out there who has ever wished they could find a better job, and for those of you who have become resigned about even trying! It is actually possible to manifest a job that you want, and anyone can do it if they know how.”

Jarrod presents How to Not Hate your Job posted at Warrior Development, saying, “You can be happy at any job.”

Amanda Harris presents Tools to Life: Self Help and Self Development posted at Pajama Mommy.

Raymond presents How Credit Scores Work And How Scores Are Calculated posted at Money Blue Book.

After learning more about credit, you might want to check out the next post (if you are looking for a new credit card).

Card Blogger presents The Best Credit Cards posted at Credit Card Blog.


Dale presents Boost Your Productivity By Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time. posted at Personal Development & Success Strategies for Life.

Byteful Project presents Inspire your Workspace in 7 Steps posted at Byteful Blog. From small business to a corporate setting, one’s workspace profoundly affects their productivity, and even their predominate emotional state. Learn how to transmogrify your workspace into an inspiration in 7 steps. Includes tips on lighting and how applying feng shui principles is essential.

Professional Development

Erek Ostrowski presents Delegating vs. “Passing it Off” posted at Verve Coaching. One of the fundamental keys to delegating effectively is understanding the difference between delegating a task or responsibility, and simply “passing it off.”


Jennifer Johnson presents SEX, MARRIAGE, AND KIDS posted at MommyABCs.com, offering tips to recover the romance in your relationship.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Balanced Living Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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